Darien Summer School & Enrichment

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Please know that DSS is not responsible for supervising children before and after posted summer school hours.

Parking Areas:

When dropping off/picking up students we ask that you do so in front of the auditorium or in the loop by the gym entrance.  Please do not stop to drop off/pick up in front of the main entrance or library entrance. 

If you would like to walk your child into the building, the area that is typically used for buses during the school year will become temporary parking, in addition to the regular parking spots. 

We will have cones, signs, and staff members to direct traffic according to the planned routes and to maintain safety for all.  Please drive slowly - safety first!

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Whenever possible, please escort your young child to his/her class.

At Drop-Off:

Please do not leave your children unsupervised before their scheduled class.

At Pick-Up:

  • Please pick up your child on time. If you are running late, call 203.655.3981 x2496.
  • If your child is picked up more than 15 minutes late with no prior notice, a $20 late fee will be assessed, with an additional $20 fee for any part of each 15-minute increment thereafter.
  • For the sake of safety, children whose parents are late will be kept at the DHS Front Desk until their parents arrive for them.