Darien Summer School & Enrichment

Medical Information

No child is permitted to take a DSS course or camp without emergency medical information on file.

All hand-written registrations must be accompanied by the Emergency Medical Form. If the Emergency Medical Form does not accompany the DSS Registration Form, it will be set aside, the parent will be contacted, and the registration will be placed on hold until the completed form is submitted. You may avoid this delay by registering online, where the online Emergency Medical Form may be completed along with the online registration form.

While Summer School is in Session:

All required medications should be dispensed ONLY by the DSS nurse.

If you have any medical questions or concerns, call our nurse, Val Maroney:

  • Prior to the first day of summer session: 203.655.2518 x3238
  • After the summer session has begun: 203.655.3981 x2496